Rule of Four

NerfworXlab is a joint collaboration of four like minded individuals who's passion for Star Wars and prop making fuel their desire to push the hobby forward with innovative new solutions and top tier quality craftsmanship.

Find us on the NerfworXlab section on the The Rebel Armory forums or sport some merch from our Threadless store.

  • Solo's Hold

    Artist / Machinist / CAD designer, specializing in Prototyping, Production Planning and Manufacture.

    The creation guru, there is nothing that can't be machined!

    Made in the USA and proud to produce the best quality on the market.

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  • GOTH-3Designs

    Artist / 3D Designer / Install planner / Installer.... and some good amount of grey matter sometimes :P

    The internal pimper, making your saber look great on the inside!

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  • Obi-Shane

    Product Design / Prototype Engineer / Install Monkey, Team Cheerleader, Pre-Production Run Manager and Whip cracker!

    The brainstorm master, the finder of solutions!

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  • Crucible Custom Props

    I make custom lightsabers and blasters with state of the art electronics, and replica props based on original screen used items using original parts wherever possible.

    My passion… or rather obsession is with accuracy, and I strive to get as much in my builds as I can to fit the budget.

    I also am part of a studio where we create real working props for the Film and Television industry, manufacture licensed retail replica collectibles, and also do restoration on original, authentic, real screen used film and tv prop and costume pieces.

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